The house that Jimmy built!


As always there had been a curiosity to the age of the Holt homestead at Badger Corner.

The information didn’t get handed down through the family.

Mr Riddle senior told dad he discovered a newspaper article  papered to the wall inside the home many years after moving in, maybe when doing some repairs. Mr Riddle remembered the Badger Corner and  Kangaroo Is. (built by the Harley’s) homes were built at the same time. Indeed they were as it turns out and the year was 1891 – the article eventually came to light after many dead end searches on Trove. The key words being Kangaroo and Holt. The house was started 2 years before Grandfather Horace was born.

Learning the timber was sourced from Table Cape by account of the correspondent a bonus. Jimmy’s boat around the early 1890’s was the Waratah.

The article also gives a good account of several other old families still associated with Flinders and in particular Mr Riddle…..

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