The whaling barque Runnymede

The barque Runnymede 284 tons was another blue gum clipper crafted and launched from John Watson’s yard, Battery Point, March 19 1849, christened by Captain Charles Bayley and named after Morrison’s Estate on the East Coast of Tasmania. According to the book Blue Gum Clippers and Whaling boats the Runnymede was highly successful in the whaling industry, under the Bayley Brothers.

John Holt was aboard the Runnymede as a seaman in 1857, signature for allocated rations can be found on REF: MB2/33/1/355 reel, Z267. The men signed up to join Runnymede did so late Jan or early Feb in preparation for sailing on February 10 1857.

John Holt, interests in the fishing industry, sets up around the early 1860’s the Oyster Bar, trading fresh fish from Hobart to sell at his shop the Oyster Bar L’ton. By 1862 is married to Elizabeth and step father to her three young sons.

The  fishmonger theme continues and by the mid 60’s John moves to secure Little Dog Island where he would make his fortune in the lucrative mutton bird industry.

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