Robinson Bros and the Seaplane


Robinson Bros on the Seaplane at Lady Barron wharf.


Cousins swimming off the Seaplane at Badger Corner.

The Seaplane


The Seaplane




Robinson Bros replaced the old and weary Coogee around the 1930’s with the smaller Seaplane.

The Seaplane was built by Tom Davey around 1910-20 (? son of Richard ‘Dick’ Davey) at the Bluff, she was 23 feet long and 9 feet wide and originally built with a centre board which had been removed prior to Robinson Bros purchasing her. 
Robinson Bros used the Seaplane for about 40 years carting all and sundry, including bales of wool and sheep back and forth to BDog, LDog and Woody. There are many stories of lucky escapes in both the Coogee and Seaplane. I remember climbing aboard the Seaplane from the rock landing  (built by the Robinson’s just off the road in front of the homestead) where we loaded/unloaded at high tide. Eventually the Seaplane was pensioned off and replaced with the faster speed boats. The Seaplane moved to a permanent mooring at the Bluff after Robinson Bros sold her and was the only casualty of the last big fire on FI in 2002 – burnt beyond repair. Those in the family who remembered her, saddened to hear of her fate. These photos are from Wally’s and daughter Dorothy’s family album

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