Tuck and King

Yesterday morning I received a precious gift, in the form of an email with 45 amazing photos. Not just any photos! They are from Great Great Grandmother Hannah Wells Collis album. The album having been handed down through her son Henry’s family – and only discovered in the recent past. There are photos of her UK Wells family, a family we know nothing about – only recently did I work out from the Collis family Bible (recently seen on Fred’s side) Joseph Wells was probably Hannah’s father and Ann her mother, these photos will be a treat when I post them over the next few days.

How lucky to be able to share with our family and the first one in particular is of infant twins – my cousin who sent me the pictures is related as I worked out on this calculator – 3rd cousin 1 time removed and was never sure who the twins were, suspecting they were connected to the Robinson’s for two reason’s 1) they were in Hannah Wells Collis album 2) no twins of that era through Henry and Amy’s history. The photo was taken at Burrow and Co a well-known Launceston company. We are related enough to know the basics of our family structure but too distant to know the finer details. This method of social networking has proven a great way to connect   and learn from one another.

I was amazed when I found the photos of Tuck and King last year and thought possibly the extent of what could be uncovered about them – until yesterday morning, I admit I had  to reach for a tissue – another tribute to my/our beloved ‘Uncle Tuck and his twin King’ born in 1884 also Great Grandmother Emily, what beautiful little babies they were. …………thank you Alison


A Burrows and Co Brisbane St Launceston: 1885 – 1888

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