John Holt

a4e1c6eb-3dd0-46ce-913b-a24b78bb2e45 I have tried to work the particular Lodge and  specifically more about the Lodge uniform, also his age to get an idea of the year.

Interested to find out more of origin of this photo found in the Emita Museum family history.

Mary Dwyer or Elizabeth (Meg) married John Holt and then Thomas Prest/Youl

The attire is Masonic as per information from a first cousin and Lodge member.

John Holt Junior was a member of the Heart of Oak Lodge an entirely different Friendly Society.

The only available history of Druids and Friendly Society’s in Tasmania link

Masonic Lodge of Tasmania link with photo of attire in 1940

History of the UK DRUIDS 

This link references the beginning of a Lady’s Lodge called ‘Lady Oak Leaves

Museum Victoria



Examiner article 2005 



Masonsic Hobart 1902

Monds Golden Wedding at the Launceston Masonic centre 1902

Advertisement poster ball Sept 1901 Boags Beer Ball




2 thoughts on “John Holt

  1. Hi there. Samuel Robinson and Mary Dwyer were my great great grandparents. Their son John married Mary Ann Ackerman whose eldest daughter was Elizabeth Holt; she was my mother (Dulcie May Parkinson)’s mother. I have a copy of the photo you’re referring to. I have some notes (provided to me by my mother’s cousin ( my second cousin?) Lois Howlett, now deceased, of Launceston.) The notes are of a death notice for John Holt who died at his residence 74 Margaret St Launceston on 26/11/1915. This is the John Holt who’d married Mary Anne Ackerman. The photo you show is, I think, of his step father John Holt. Still, the death notice mentions that “Heart of Oak and Australian Light Lodge members were invited to the funeral”. It’s likely that John attended the same lodge/s? as his step father and so we might assume that the uniform the John in the photo is wearing, is of one of those two lodges. Best regards, Jan

  2. The photo is of John Holt (Jnr) husband of Mary Ackerman. Lois (Howlett) brought this photo to our family reunion in 1990 and we had a discussion about John who was her Great Grandfather.

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