James Robinson: Master of Home Trade Ticket issued1875

James andEdie 001 IMG_5577 Further information supporting the theory James was born in 1951 or 1852, not 1858. I don’t think James could have gained his Home Trade Ticket aged 16. James wrote on his application he was born in Hobart in 1851 as per reference . What I hoped to locate was the examination papers to establish the examination criteria and questions. To date have been unable to locate examination papers for those having passed the examination for their relevant ticket – e.g 1st, 2nd Mates and Home Trade.  On Monday when in Hobart decided to access  the examination papers of applicants who failed the examination. The box was full of the examination papers I had expected and I was not disappointed with the information. There were a series of complex mathematical questions, including a series of complex maritime scenarios to answer, they also had to pass a colour card test. There was another section I recall to do with employment responsibilties. The Master of Home Trade Ticket was the fourth category and candidates had to pass the standard 40 points. The criteria appeared stringent and I feel confident James Riddle (had a brother living in the Straits) who signed off on the certificate would have picked up if James Robinson was not 23 as he stated.

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