Flinders Island……… November 2013

It’s been a productive time following up more history, whilst here on Flinders, I have been here for 2 weeks and still one week left. Great discussions with Dad and other close relatives,  lucky to find a few more old family photo’s tucked away in other family collections. The Furneaux Museum had several old family photo’s I  fell in love with (Robinson & Collis) relevant permission requested to publish one or two of these photo’s,  approved and of course – to be referenced accordingly.

The Museum is operated by a dedicated group of fabulous volunteers, led by Dreen Lovegrove. A treasure trove of family and Island history and thoroughly recommended to all also looking for family histories – the family folders are sure to give up all sorts of information. Looking in other families folders can be a source of information as well. For instance I found in the Bowman family folder the diaries of Dan Bowman, notations of Tot Bowman and Louisa Holt (Robinson) 1916 travelling between each others homes. I am keen to go back to read in more detail, hopefully this weekend.

The current exhibition is about the early music in the Islands……….highly recommended to all visitors to the Island to explore this  comprehensive and talented journey regarding the Flinders and Cape Barren Islands musical history.

Thought I would share these pictures taken in the Trousers Point area this afternoon, the beaches are surely some of Tassies best kept secrets!!


IMG_5586 IMG_5589 IMG_5588 IMG_5587 IMG_5585 IMG_5583

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