Canon Marcus Blake Brownrigg

1994_P_1020Canon Marcus Blake Brownrigg married Emily and James Robinson at St Johns Church 5/2/1881 about two weeks after his annual visit to the Islands of Bass Strait. I was talking with Dad about this last week as it explains the affinity his parents had with St Johns – he also wrote the book ‘Cruise of the Freak’, Dad said he had read the book in the library, a photocopy.  A quick look to see if it was possible to buy an original, found one on Ebay for a cool $600+ with a 35% discount, ouch! Then I realised its value.

A further search found this link to a digitised copy, could not believe my eyes. Dad also talks about ‘Cruise of the Beacon‘ so checked around- another lovely surprise, good to be able to access on line – originals would be a Tatts wish.

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