26 October 1917

George was critically injured on the morning of 26 October  –  this day 96 years ago.

Reading the unit diary – there is mention of Pte Downing W who was killed. George and  Private Dicken noted as injured and evacuated, the diary is brief, the appendix, doesn’t offer any further explanation.

Reading George’s Red Cross file  ANZAC day 2011 was emotional to say the least, all we have ever known as far as family history goes is ‘George died from wounds’, reading the extent of his wounds and how he lay all day  in such perilous conditions was the start of  our plan to travel to George’s graveside in 2017. As Horace’s family, the decision was easy, to do what George’s family were unable in 1917.

George injured when a pill-box exploded, his injuries were compound fracture to both legs and his left arm including a head injuries, he was not rescued until later that evening under cover of darkness. He was transferred to the 2nd Canadian Clearing Station in the early hours Saturday 27th where he died at 5.30am. The one comfort in reading – he didn’t die alone in the  field.

Dan Bowman was close by as noted in one of the Red Cross letters, I should imagine he had a difficult time returning home without his sister Tot’s sweetheart, and his mate.

Private Nagle 5071 gives account as he was close by.

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