St Barnabas Church – Badger Corner


When this picture is enlarged it’s….. magical!!  You can enlarge on the ‘About’ page. I am certain James (James ‘always’ wore a bowler hat which he was renowned for) and Emily are on the left of the Clergy. Hard to pick anyone specifically. Walter, Maud, Elsie and May would have been about 9, 7, 5 and 3. Tuck, Dolly, Horace and George would have been 27, 18,17 and 15. Edith was 29, of course not there as she was living in New Norfolk.

Extract from the August 14th 1914 – Church News by Rev Hughes.

after dinner, there arrived from Badger Corner four miles away, an old friend of Bishop Montgomery’s and a faithful son of the church in the person of Mr. Holt who drove Mrs Hughes and myself to his home, the chaplain footing it. Early next morning (St Barnabas’ Day) we had a celebration, and afterwards made arrangements for the laying of the foundation stone (or rather a post) of what is to be a church pure and simple and dedicated to St Barnabas’. St Barnabas was officiated early 1915.

James and Emily Robinson donated the land and labour to build St Barnabas at Badger Corner. On this day when this photograph was taken 11/6/1914, stood two families celebrating a significant milestone within their small community…….. not realising that 27 years to the future they would be forever related when (my Grandparents) Horace and Maud marry in 1936  and by late November 1940 they become parents and in 1962, 63 and 1966 Grandparents………… and so on it goes!

The church was moved to Lady Barron after Emily died, unsure of the year. I found an article in 1932 where a wedding took place at St Barnabas in Lady Barron, so sometime between 1929 and 32.

James and Emily still have a strong family connection with St Barnabas through one of their Great Granddaughters.

James and Emily on the steps of the Church at Badger Corner. Daughter Louie on the left.

When you magnify this picture and look at James the resemblance to cousin Rob is remarkable.

Henry Briant Baptism @ Badger Corner

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