William and Maggie Holt/Robinson

William 10/03/1878 and Baptised in 1879 – also named is Elizabeth Holt his elder cousin and daughter of John and Maryanne Holt.

26 November 2015 met a Boyes descendant this morning in Whitemark it was gleaned through our short talk on our family history her Boyes relatives more than likely moved in the William and Maggie’s home at Buffalo beach at Trousers Point. This particular house was eventually moved to Pats River where is still stands.

married Maggie Garrett

son William (Billy) J Holt (Garrett) killed in WW2

2 thoughts on “William and Maggie Holt/Robinson

  1. Has anyone got information of william and Maggie’s children growing up ..my mum was kathleen mary robinson ..their daughter

    • Hi Helen, I would like to get in touch with you if you see this response. My grandmother Elizabeth Robinson would have been your mums sister.

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