Lewis and Maud Willett

Maud, Lewis and Family Maud Louisa and Lewis Henry Willett.




Maud Pearsall and Lewis Willett Lewis Willett Lewis Willett 1

Maud and Lewis Willett were good friends with my Grandparents Maud and Horace Robinson. Dad recalls meeting Lewis and Maud with his father as there had been discussions for Dad to board with them to whilst at school in Launceston – Dad remembers they lived up a steep hill maybe at the end of Brisbane or York St – he said they were quite elderly. Dad ended up boarding with another family, to his delight at not having to deal with the steep hill where they lived. Dad does not recall Uncle Henry Collis at all…………

I would love to hear more about Lewis and Maud……….


333 Brisbane Street Dec 2006_0120Mauds 100th Birthday  20 Nov 1987

6 thoughts on “Lewis and Maud Willett

  1. Lewis and Maud are my Grandparents. They lived half way up Brisbane Street hill , overlooking the city of Launceston, at 333 Brisbane Street. The home has been well maintained and has been updated in recent years.
    I am the eldest daughter of their eldest child, Ruth Louisa Fanny Willett (named after her 2 grandmothers…Collis). Lewis and Maud had 6 children plus one who died as a baby. There was: Ruth, Sydney, Cliff, Allan, Merle (Jeannie who died) and Mavis. Their last surviving child, Mavis is 91. (She was 90 in July 2014 and I organised a reunion of all her neices and nephews and partners who came from all over Tasmania and the mainland.) I always found my Willett relations (Maud and Lew’s children) to be very resilient, still walking briskly, with purpose as they aged. I loved them all dearly.

    Marie Beyer (Hobart)

  2. Lewis and Maud were my Grandparents.
    They lived in a house near the top of the Brisbane Street Hill (the zig-zag)
    Lewis passed away at around 90 years of age.
    Maude passed away in a nursing home in Launceston at the age of 102.
    They are both buried in Carr Villa Cemetery.

  3. I am the second youngest child of Sydney and Eva. Syd being second child of Lewis and Maud.
    Memories of the hill in Brisbane St., I quite often go to top and drive down windy hill, stop near nan and pops house
    and reminisce. Beautiful trees there

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